Bing Training goes from Video to Text, Making it Less Likely to Become Outdated Again

The Bing Ads Accredited Professional program and training materials were recently overhauled. Of the changes, one stands out for the way it future-proofs the program.

Ginny Marvin notes that Bing’s training segments were previously available as video tutorials, but are now given in text form instead. This move to text is the ounce-of-prevention needed to quell future headaches for those seeking accreditation.

Inevitably, some future modification in Bing Ads will render some portion of the training materials obsolete and needing replacement. Test prep materials sometimes cover features that no longer exist. Bing’s best new hedge against such rot is that training segments are no longer centered on video. This makes all the difference because video production is hard, and video tutorials don’t get produced or edited every time something changes in the real world. Text is easy. Once something in Bing Ads changes, something in Bing’s text training segments can change too. So… Here’s to hoping it does!

The SearchCerts.Com Exam Prep Series:

3 thoughts on “Bing Training goes from Video to Text, Making it Less Likely to Become Outdated Again

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