Push to certify local ad salespeople in AdWords goes on tour

The Local Media Association is putting-on AdWords certification seminars in Chicago, Philadelphia, Madison, and Burnsville (MN). This is part of a larger initiative to prepare local advertising salespeople to attain Google AdWords certifications.

Local ad pros often sell directly to small mom-and-pop business owners who can’t wrap their minds around the idea that they do not have to divide their ad budgets into so many fragments that no fragment is large enough to work. Local advertisers also often mistakenly believe the world is divided into newspaper people, TV people, radio people, out-of-home people, and “people who know about the internet.” Initiatives like this go a long way to assure both mom and pop that A) advertising works and B) the account executive standing in front of you knows how.

The seminars cost $299-$399 each, which is really the price for local ad salespeople to position themselves in prospective clients’ eyes as trusted advisers of their total media spend.

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4 thoughts on “Push to certify local ad salespeople in AdWords goes on tour

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