AdWords certification info from last quarter is already out of date

What a difference a year makes! This isn’t a late retrospective of the past year, it’s a response to a presentation that introduces a 10-part series on AdWords certification. If the following parts (to be released weekly) are as comprehensive and well organized as this first one, then instructor Dr. Ash Pahwa will help a lot of people. What’s remarkable (and the prompt for this post) is the material is only a few months old, but in that short time has become so outdated that it’s not useable. It looks like it was prepared months ago but just released over this last weekend and that time lag is just too long.

For starters, test-takers are directed to the old testing site, run by a questionable third party.

Exams are now taken from within the Google Partners Program portal.

The next slide was also perfectly correct until just last fall. It includes the Reporting & Analysis exam, gives each exam’s cost as US$50, and gives question counts that were in the ballpark (the exact number of questions would vary and the test taker never knew an exact count until the beginning of a specific exam attempt).

These days the question counts are lower (exactly 90 for the Fundamentals Exam and 99 for the Search Advanced Exam), all tests are free, and there is no Reporting & Analysis exam (the related certification is sun-setting and some of us still have it until it expires.

The presentation left me with the feeling that the presenter has a deep understanding of the subject and enjoys sharing what he knows. If only the environment didn’t change so rapidly and these facts were still the facts!

The SearchCerts.Com Exam Prep Series:

2 thoughts on “AdWords certification info from last quarter is already out of date

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