AdWords exam stresses how often Quality Score is calculated

Quality Score is the combined measure of the relevance and usefulness of an ad, keyword, and landing page combination. The fact that it’s recalculated every single time an ad is triggered is the basis of two questions from the AdWords certification’s Fundamentals Exam:

Quality Score on Google search is evaluated:

o every time someone does a search that triggers your ad

o every 24 hours

o none of these answers is correct

o every 48 hours

Every time an auction is initiated, AdWords runs to its database to find keywords that match the query or content, judges the likelihood of the associated ads getting clicked, and assesses how much it would be paid in the event of a click. This judgment is the Ad Rank and it’s recalculated for every single auction because it’s underpinned by Quality Score, which itself is recalculated for every single auction. Google checks twice on the same test to see that we know this:

Quality Score and Ad Rank are calculated:

o Every time your ad is eligible to serve on a Display Network page.

o Every time someone does a search that triggers your ad

o Every time you change your CPCs within your account

o A few time a day, based on your ad scheduling settings

There are other questions about Quality Score, but: Does the double appearance of this one point  mean that it’s twice as important to Google that AdWords certification holders are aware of it?

The SearchCerts.Com Exam Prep Series:


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