Certification Know-it-Alls

If you ask around about search engine certifications you might hear a know-it-all remark: “I passed the AdWords tests and didn’t even try.” Such a comment is not meant to provide you with useful information, but is purely a social positioning statement. Someone is trying to put you down. The real message is “It’s easier for me because I’m smarter than you.” The speaker has identified himself as being more concerned with being better than you and less concerned with giving you real answers.

This breed of pomposity has a twin brother, Certification Envy. The twins were separated in the second grade when they used to say it to all the first graders. My recent post about it seems to have stuck a nerve out there and all reports are that Certification Envy is getting worse. Is the same true for AdWords and Analytics know-it-alls?

Let’s hope those second graders who say “I got AdWords certified without even trying” aren’t as dismissive of their clients as they are of their peers.

The SearchCerts.Com Exam Prep Series:

2 thoughts on “Certification Know-it-Alls

  1. I agree that it can be daunting when you are a novice. On the other hand, if you have been doing AdWords as your full time job for a few years, the tests really are very easy to pass. I don’t think you’ll be able to find any PPC professionals who disagree with me on that one.

    • @Jordan You’re right, and the difference is that you’re not dismissively right like a know-it-all would be. If a novice came to someone for a word of advice and got some honest advice, then good. But if their would-be mentor waived them off and said “I passed the AdWords tests and didn’t even try” then they are show-boating, not helping. That makes all the difference: Is it more important to help the novice or snub them?


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